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It’s Back-to-Work Monday and many of us are still smiling from our fun beach weekend on Long Island’s East End.

For those lucky enough to have second homes in the Hamptons (or part-time summer shares, or generous friends/relatives with homes in the Hamptons), summer is that much sweeter.

While each Hampton town is beautiful in its own special way, people can get a bit, shall we say, proudly territorial about where they choose to lay down their beach towel.

So show off your tan—and mark your turf—with this new line of solid brass bangles by Jook & Nona. Each is engraved with a various town (Montauk, Sag Harbour, Amagansett, East Hampton, South Hampton, West Hampton), so choose your location, or stack a bunch to show your impartiality. Feel free to layer in the more generic Surf and 11954 bangles.

Lobster rolls and clam bakes not included.

Retail, $48 each. Call 646-543-9308;