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Everybody knows that women like flowers (or at least that is what men should know if they want to conquer a woman’s heart). But we also know how difficult is to grow flowers and how little time it takes for them to lose their beauty. OK, maybe we are to blame for forgetting to water them, but still…

So what better way to enjoy flowers than wearing them around your wrist? Now thanks to Ettika, all women can bloom with this wonderful handmade bracelet.

As Ettika was dreamt to life with a few meaningful words in mind—Give. Wear. Stack. Love—expect women to create their own personalized wrist bouquets.

From the sandy beaches ofMalibuto the neon bright sparkling city lights of Tinseltown, the designers naturally incorporate a kiss of the LA laid-back-luxe lifestyle into each inspired piece.

Keep an eye on this boys, the perfect gift for your loved woman is just in front of you! And with resin flowers, no watering required.

Retail $45; Call: 213-817-5510;

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