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By the time you read this your electronic device will have drained a percentage of its precious battery life…by the day’s end, it’s hanging on for dear life as you watch it drop below double digits.

Hey, we hardly blame it; after a day filled with massive amounts of data usage our electronic pals start to wear down (we’re exhausted from the info overload ourselves),  leaving us in a state of panic.

How will we call to make that last minute reservation? What business meeting do we have in an hour? How many game partners are we neglecting on Words with Friends? The list goes on…but thanks to the geniuses at Urban Junket we will never have to suffer any battery life malfunctions again.

They’ve taken “fashion meets function” to another level with their earth-friendly power charging bags. Yes, this handbag is made from 39 reclaimed plastic bottles AND will recharge your electronic device while you’re on the go—take that!  Each organized bag contains a (TSA safe) rechargeable battery pack that auto senses power demand; therefore there’s no need for buttons or switches—just keep calm, and carry on in fashionable fully-charged style.

Retail, $224. Call: 800-997-0899;