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When we came across today’s item, we pretty much stopped everything we were doing…as in jaw dropped, eyes squinted, glaring at the monitor in perplexion and awe.

Is this a 2-dimensional sketch of a fun colorful bag we’re seeing, or is this actually the real thing? But how could it be? We live in “3D” not “2D”, right? Right?

If we lived in 2D we would in fact be living inside a cartoon/comic book and we’re not…but Chay Su and Rika Lin designers of handbag line, JumpFromPaper have geniously created that illusion.

After many handbag renderings and explorations into perspective, the two successfully designed a line of cartoon-like bags, with bold outlines and colors, that appear slim and 2-dimensional, but actually expand to fit a laptop and other belongings.

Since this playful design puts us squarely inside a comic book/cartoon, we’re going to go ahead and say that the “conversation bubble” going off above our head is definitely reading: “POW! This is the coolest design we’ve seen in a whole long time!

Retail, $99; Contact:;

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