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These are the kind of friendship bracelets that make you think, “Ya know, I really need to get some wackier friends!”

Created by new jewelry company Gypsies + Debutantes, these little explosions of color are the perfect mix of bohemian and luxe style, with some spikes thrown in there for punky good measure.

The eclectic mix isn’t that surprising when you consider that designer Lana Soussan grew up with a hairstylist father from Casablanca, Morocco, and a Cherokee Indian mother, and spent her childhood perusing the colorful, ¬†sensory overloading bazaars of Morocco.

Now she fuses her exotic background with her desire to mix preppy, bohemian and punk into her work. Each piece is handmade in Boston, using colored thread, vintage Swarovski rhinestones, Austrian crystals, spikes and studs.

And to Soussan, who comes up with friendship bracelets like these, we say: “We’d like to meet your friends!”

Retail, $48 each. Call Succarra showroom at 212-643-6314.

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