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We’re making a bold statement, but we believe it–everyone loves sunshine. There’s nothing like the touch of a warm ray to brighten up ones day, and with the arrival of Spring we’re all jumping with excitement over acquiring those extra hours of sunshine in the day.  This is exactly why we find jewelry designer/charm queen, Helen Ficalora’s “sun” charm especially delightful.

Whether it’s worn on a gray day (hey, they happen) to remind the wearer that the sun still shines deep beneath those clouds, or even on the brightest days of them all, one thing is certain, the sun is a universal motif that inspires warm happy thoughts.

Speaking of happiness, we love giving back—and it makes us beyond happy to know that 25% of the 14K gold sun charm and a whopping 100% of the sterling silver charm goes directly to appropriately named non-profit organization Project Sunshine, whose slogan is “bringing sunshine to a cloudy” day aka providing much needed and appreciated educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families with medical challenges.  We have a feeling we’re going to need a fresh pair of shades after all of the sunshine going around.

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