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We know that many accessories categories are naturally unisex in their offerings—sunglasses, scarves, watches—to name a few, but pantyhose? Tights?

Evidently that’s the case at Emilio Cavallini, the Italian hosiery brand known for its fashion flair and often avant-garde hosiery designs.

In 2009, the designer put a bold foot forward by offering unisex styles in patterns and colors that could be worn by men as well as women.

The result? 2% to 3% of the company’s annual sales of 1 million tights are now to men.

“A growing number of men have been buying tights,” says Cavallini, 66,  who believes men are wearing them for an extra layer of warmth or “as fashion.”

Not only has Cavallini spurred a new hosiery category, but also a growing list of sobriquets for the tights: “manty-hose,” “brosiery” “guylons,” “he-tards” or “hose for bros.”

While we’ve heard of men donning tights while running or skiing, we still have a hard time imagining them under a pinstripe three piece or—heaven forbid—under shorts!

Not matter. The black/white optic patterns on Cavallini’s suit our growing love for geometric designs this fall.

Suggested retail: $27. Call (914) 632-3007.


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