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From neons to neutrals, bolds to brights, we’ve been writing about color for months now. And it’s time to take a (visual) break.

We’re loving Baby-G’s new white-out watch (and no, not white-out as in blizzard, although this cold weather has been throwing us for a loop lately!). This watch is also deliciously dimensional, so it’s not just white-on-white, but rather white-on-white-on-white-on-white in a fun, Pop-Art sort of way.

Raised numerals give it clever shadows and a playful 3D touch, and a circular digital display lets you customize a separate time zone.

And just so you can tell time at night or in a movie theater, the watch also has a neon illuminator light. White on!

Retail: $99.  Call 800-634-1895;

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