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Most of the blazing bling that nearly blinded us as we walked through BaselWorld earlier this week was diamond jewelry—big statement pieces on display to lure in cash-laden Russian retailers.

But beams of color—neons no less—struck our eyes over at Schofer Germany (aka “The Chain Company”). Using lacquer in a special procedure, Schofer has taken sterling silver and stainless steel chains and colored them in “highlighter” colors: orange, green, yellow, fuchsia etc.

The chains, which come in various sizes, are spectacular on their own, but in combination, they really light up a room.

Schofer’s new clasp allows wearers to add on individual chains of various lengths (and colors) to create a cascade effect. Although Schofer has chains in about a dozen colors, the neon combinations resemble a black light rainbow. Perfect for those of us who just can’t get enough Lite-Brite in all our accessories.

Suggested retails: $50 to $300. Call +49 7231 91030

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