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Happy International Women’s Day ladies! This is a day where us gals of the world get to celebrate our achievements, the power of our strength, our femininity and how far we’ve come since this national day originated over 100 years ago.

We thought long and hard about the perfect accessory to showcase today, one that needs no talking, that speaks for its pretty self, and that embodies the strong yet feminine creature we are–and we found it, in the form of a lipstick/heel hybrid (no surprise) by Italian footwear connoisseur Alberto Guardiani. 

Now, we understand not all of you are a red-lipped maven type of lady, and that’s fine because the red lipstick “heel” twists off and is replaceable in a shade suitable for all types of women, from blue to gold…because not all of us are the same, but we all share a common link (besides our love for lipstick and heels), our strength and accomplishments.

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