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Friday has arrived, and we’re prepping ourselves for a weekend filled with great commercials football and food. Naturally, we had to tie in today’s Fabulous Find Friday item with something football related.  We know you’re questioning our judgment here, but look really closely at the screen and squint your eyes. You see the whip stitched pigskin laces too right? Farfetched, we know, but we couldn’t resist the tie-in.

Once you stop squinting, you’ll be able to see the beauty of these Fiona Paxton leather cuffs, which are stitched and laced to perfection with bright color clashed leather and topped off with stud detail. Now you can see the comparisons clearly.  Leather, check! Whipstitch lacing, check! Studs, well two different types of studs, but studs nonetheless, check!

The only difference with these and the upcoming Superbowl is: anyone who sports these cuffs is considered a WINNER.

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