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Not too many folks like wrinkles.  Like those on your your silk or linen dress? Not so much.

And we won’t even go there about wrinkles on your face.

We actually do love wrinkles found in New Jersey-based Civic Duty’s casual, unisex footwear line made from Tyvek, DuPont’s versatile nonwoven material used for protecting houses from the elements, car covers and, yes, even FedEx envelopes.

Designer Steven Weinreb came up with using Tyvek when he was working with a brand that created a travel sneaker packaged in a Tyvek bag. He was blown away at the properties of the material: lightweight, water resistant, breathable and highly durable. After a year of trial and error, he came up with his first Tyvek-made sneaker, one that is both recyclable and stylish.

The Civic Duty footwear line featured styles in many colors using Tyvek that has a special “pre-wrinkled” finish that “give our shoes a ‘worn’ look right out of the box.” Over time, the color fades somewhat, adding to the vintage look.

That’s why we like this old favorite, a saddle oxford renewed and freshed in Tyvek with a patent trim. Like the rest of Civic Duty’s collection, the shoes are made with glues and dyes that are environmentally friendly and packaging made from recycled materials.

Suggested retail on this Elevation sneaker: $64. Call: (888) 863-5160

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