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Oh spring, the season of color and transformation. We find that months of dreary gray skies make us channel the weather (and Morticia Addams, come to think of it). Yet as soon as those tulips start peeking out of the frozen ground,  a rush of must-slap-a-dose-of-color-in-our-wardrobe-asap! takes over our dark mood. And when we say slap, we mean it literally.

Watch your back (or wrists we should say) because “slap bracelets”–that ’80s wrist staple many of us remember fondly–are baaaaaack! And this time they’re also better than ever.

Why you ask? The answer is simpel, and no that’s not a typo—we’re talking simpel watches.  This line of slap-happy watches features 6 fun band colors and 6 case colors that you mix and match, pop in and out, and slap on and off as you please.

So as spring approaches and you seek that dose of color in your life, you now have an answer—just pop out that black case or strap and replace it with a punchy citrus splash of orange in a simple snap and slap.  Telling time has never been this fun.

Band and face set, retail $29.95 (additional band $12.95 and face $19.95)

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