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Swirly, vintage-style monograms have taken the jewelry industry by storm. But Maximal Art‘s  “universal monogram” pendant solves a plethora of problems, as it can really represent any combination of letters.

With traditional initial pendants, retailers have to stock up on the most popular letters, worry about not having the right ones or deal with getting stuck with the duds.

Second, if it’s a full-out monogram, the work all has to be customized (not to mention retailers must deal with indecisive consumers who can’t decide how to select and arrange initials for maiden, married, professional and middle names).

Designer John Wind’s universal monogram removes all such issues. And remember, it’s all about the power of suggestion anyway. If you find someone scrutinizing your pendant with a perplexed look, just say: “What? You can’t tell this is a monogram for LDP?!?!?”

Give them a minute then sit back and wait for the “Ohhhhhhh…yeah…now I see it!”

Works every time.

Pendants come in gold or silver plate and have a suggested retail of $55.

Call 800-573-3308;


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