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Is it just us, or are you getting tired of all the mud slinging negative campaigning surrounding this year’s race for the Republican presidential nominee? It’s worse than an episode of “Real Housewives,” no?

Although the GOP has long picked the elephant as its mascot, we think this is one critter who appeals to everyone. Nonpartisan.

That’s why we love this depiction from Lagos’ new Rare Wonder collection, a new series of whimsical sterling silver animal charms that serve as talismans. The elephant—for those who may have forgotten—represents protection. (After all, as the largest land animals in the world, elephants have no natural enemies.)

Each one of Lagos’ Rare Wonders, which include a butterfly, sea horse, sea turtle and gecko, come with their own special properties as well as Lagos’ signature caviar bead details.

In the case of this precious pachyderm, it represents message suitable to live by in 2012:

“When elephants set their minds to something, they don’t waver in their commitment. Their intelligence gives them a terrific advantage to make the best of every situation. The symbolic message of the elephant is honesty and trust; they always let others know where they stand with regard to their feelings.”

(Are you listening politicians in D.C.?)

Suggested retail: $295 each. Contact: 646-556-6385

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