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We’re a sap for all things love, i.e. anything that has the L word written all over it, cupid arrows, chubby cherubs, and of course the symbol that silently says it all, the heart.

There’s nothing sweeter than the simplicity of the double arched silhouette of the heart. And whether it reminds you of a someone special,  you’re crushing on someone you don’t know (ahem all of you mystery Valentines out there), or you’re simply a hopeless romantic, it’s pretty hard to not get that fuzzy feeling inside when you lay eyes on one—oh yeah, and it also doesn’t hurt when it comes in the form of a fabulous piece of jewelry.

Speaking of fabulous jewelry, check out this pitter patter worthy, grosgrain woven, link bracelet topped with not just a heart, but a personalized one.  You can thank Roman & Sunstone—creators of fabulous fashion and silver jewelry (at an incredible price nonetheless) for creating this classic bracelet beauty. And that adorable packaging? It deserves a post of its own. Now go spread the L.O.V.E, people.

Retail, $20. Call: 314-963-3665;

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