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In Item of the Day, What's New by Nicole Philip-Kronenberg, Accessories Magazine

The holidays have passed, and all of the pretty bow-topped gifts you spent hours wrapping have been ripped into shreds and are most likely tossed in the trash or shoved back into that recycled holiday wrapping bin for a year of dust-collecting hibernation.

It’s a shame, we know…but we’ve fortunately unwrapped our own bow-topped gift and it’s one certain to knock those post-holiday blues right out of you.

It doesn’t hurt that it comes in the form of a 22kt gold plated bow ring by fabulous designer Daniel Espinosa (finally a bow that is sure to never be tossed, stored away and forgotten).  You all know the quote “Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present,” well now we finally have a pretty bow (nevertheless a shiny one that will remain intact and tied to perfection) to top off each “present” day of the new year.

Retail, $90. Call 781-784-3555;

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