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We’ve come to recognize that certain things in our lives aren’t exactly what they used to be. For example, our favorite subject in school used to be those art classes where we could express ourselves for an hour each day with a pile of crayons, a stick of glue and a handful of pipe cleaners—now we’re repairing our own broken pipes, and sealing our bills inside glue lined envelopes.

Fear not, we’ve discovered an item that will transport you back to the good ol’ years. Introducing  GEORGE GINA & LUCY’s very own fountain of youth—and it comes in the form of a handbag, appropriately.  They’ve supplied us with the ultimate blank canvas—a fun canvas tote topped with colorful nylon handles. Each tote has a detailed outline of their signature bag silhouette and of course your very own bundle of colorful markers are included.

Now you too, can relive your favorite childhood activity, express yourself and get back in touch with that inner Picasso—all while creating your very own a one-of-a-kind handbag design. (Fair warning: you might want to sharpen up on those “draw inside the line” skills before you start creating your dream bag…markers are permanent!)

Retail: $85 to $95;

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