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Ever find that you sacrifice style for function on the weekend? Your gorgeous new handheld handbag (the one that instantly makes you feel chic and ladylike because you can only hold it gracefully by hand or slide it up as far as your elbow)…takes the back burner. Your favorite oversized leather hobo with killer hardware (the one that weights as much as a small creature causing weekly trips to the masseuse)…takes the back burner. Oftentimes leaving you with little choice but to dust off out that old messenger bag you used in college to trek your life around. Cute? You thought it was a few decades ago, but even you can admit the unadmittable—it’s time to drop it off at your nearest Good Will.

What will replace your dear functional item you ask? How will you run around town with your never ending “to do” list in hand, coffee and cell in the other, with the same hands-free hassle you had in the past? Look no further.

Designer Alexandra Satine, known for her incredible luxurious convertible handbags and fashion functional designs has created this detachable leather and canvas wallet on a strap. Outside compartment keeps key items handy and organized; the striped strap keeps your shoulders in tack and your hands free to do what you please–just as stylish as that oversized hobo and ladylike handheld, and just as functional as your old messenger. Best part, you can take the strap off and toss the wallet into your “week day bags” in a snap. We can’t say we can help you out with that errand list, but we can help you execute it in style.

Retail, $138;