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If you really think about it we couldn’t live without keys in our life. We use them to drive, to enter our homes, to lock up our safes, the list goes on. Ever lose that beloved item? Break out in a cold sweat tearing apart and searching crevasses of your handbag you never knew existed? Us too.

Aside from being an essential and vital item in our lives, they are also one-of-a-kind, as in…no two are alike (well besides the duplicates you frantically made at the locksmith last weekend). With this being said, we thought we’d show off the key to our heart. She goes by the name of Jane Basch, if you aren’t familiar with one of our favorite jewelry designers signature and highly coveted monogram, initial and personalized pieces, then…well, you now are.

As we mentioned earlier, keys are a pretty personal item, that’s why it’s fitting to see that Jane took personal to another level. This perfectly personalized pedant is custom created with a monogram or single initial, in sterling silver or 14k gold, with beautiful freeform script lettering.  Who holds the key to your heart? We found ours. <3