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A one-of-a-kind statement piece of jewelry can often be compared to a sinfully delicious edible treat. Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise we find the ingredients in creating a masterpiece in the oven mirror the same ones in our jewelry box.

(Flip box for step-by-step instructions). Ready?

1) Check expiration dates Gather great quality ingredients.

2) Mix together key ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar  delicious materials & unique designs.

3)  Sprinkle in decorative components: beautiful colors and surface details.

Voila! A statement piece has been created.  We wish we could take credit, but we do tip our hats to the chef designer Daniela Zagnolli, for creating this delicacy of the day. Her statement necklace is made from carefully spliced soft supple leather and twisted to perfection, with just a sprinkle of metallic bronze shimmer.


Retails, $199; 

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