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With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up we know that there will be plenty of quality iPad time. Long drive in passenger seat with screaming relatives filling the car, must.distract.self… iPad time.

Too much turkey, tryptophan trance, resort to couch for hours, limited mobility…iPad time.

Still can’t get up, can’t muster energy to brave stampedes of animals eager Black Friday shoppers, stay on couch, check out early Cyber Monday sales…iPad time.

Just as we thought, there are endless uses for our techy companion this upcoming week, but of course, you must always lounge and distract yourself in style– that’s why we are introducing you to WCM New York’s latest design. Our favorite part: the rows of studs on the back of the case. Not only do they look cool, they also serve as a double function—assisting in our laziness by doubling as a stand.  Now your iPad can be situated in a perfectly upright position…so that you don’t have to.

Retail:$150, Call: 212-268-0723