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Pack your bags kiddies, we’re going somewhere exciting—to a place where that fabulous backpack on your back is one of the most wanted items of the season.

Yes, you heard correctly, the backpack on your back is coveted. At one time these hands-free carriers were used for the sole purpose of toting around unread school books that weighed half your weight, or for those free-spirited trips throughout Europe when packing no more than three spare changes of clothes and zero responsibility actually existed in your life.

Times are changing, you’re grown up (sorry to break the news)–but those memories with your beloved backpack don’t have to leave and neither does the bag (well, kind of).

It actually makes complete sense (lightbulb goes off): The older we get, the more complex our lives get, which leads us to believe that hands-free bags are actually becoming essential for us big kids (and we’re talking chic little numbers like this Helen Kaminski crochet raffia and leather trimmed one), not you’re old clunker…

Horray, we can now all re-live our youth in a fashionable and updated manner! So go on and check your locker closet, make sure there’s room for this new highly efficient, really good looking, cool kid in town.



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