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We have to admit, we have a love/hate tug-of-war going on with Internet shopping: Yes, you avoid swarms of highly-stimulated, endorphin-releasing human beings pushing their way through the racks. Yes, you can purchase that new gorgeous designer piece sans makeup and in your old sweats without getting any snarls or frowns from store employees.

Let’s face it; we can name plenty of reasons why the Internet has proven effective.

Now, we hate to complain but there is something we struggle with: fit. Without the hands on, in store grabbing and pushing we miss our opportunity to actually try things on (and make ridiculous faces in mirrors, i.e. head tilts, kissy faces–you know what we’re talking about).

So when we laid eyes on Mezzmer, a newly launched eyewear site founded by two brothers who’ve worn glasses since childhood, we thought “cool, they must know what they’re doing, they’re frame wearing folk.”

Then we found something else out–they let you choose 5 pairs of glasses and loan them out to you for 5 days so that you’re able to get that “in-store hands on experience” that you’ve been missing, all in the comfort of your home—now we’re thinking these guys are genius.

Finally, after you decide on your favorites and send all pairs back (on their dime), you get to purchase your brand new pair and select one out of 5 charities you’d like to donate a portion of the proceeds too—and just like you we’re thinking they’re kind too?

Sounds too good to be true? We promise, it’s NOT–it’s the real deal, check it out for yourself, and you’ll see (clearly) what we’re talking about.