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Today’s the day we’ve been anxiously waiting for, although we do feel like we’ve been painting the town black and orange for weeks now.  On this festive day, we thought what better to show than some Tarina Tarantino bling? Afterall, Tarina might as well be crowned the queen of Halloween bling, let us list the reasons why.

Throughout her collections you’ll find:

1) More whimsical fairytale creatures and characters than you’ll find at the village Halloween parade (ok, a stretch but there are plenty of them to say the least).

2) Assortments of lucite and resin in every delicious candy-coated hue, more satisfying than the bowl of candy you’ll end up with tomorrow (and need we say far fewer calories).

3) You are always bound to find your fair share of skeletons, and trust us you won’t be finding any of these Swarovski crystal encrusted guys in the local graveyard or haunted house.

Trick-or-treat, hope your day is filled with an abundance of sweets and skull-candy treats!



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