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It might not officially be Halloween until Monday, but we can’t hold our excitement in for any longer. Some may think of it as a day where less is more (literally)…we at Accessories on the other hand think of it as more is more. A day to express yourself without judgement. Pile on the accessories—feather boa, space goggles, over-the top headpieces.

You know, your inner grunge rocker chick/ peace loving hippy flower child/ creepy Day of the Dead goddess persona is just waiting to bust out of her conservative daily attire for her once a year cameo appearance. And what better way to morph than with a spectacular spooktacular accessory?

We’re  loving jewelry designer Ana Karolina’s “Bring the Pinata” bracelet. Reason? You can literally bring the fiesta with you wherever you go, all year round.  There is even a charm to remind you of all of your fabulously decked alter-egos–saint charms and skulls for your spooked Day of the Dead goddess, Peace signs and hearts for your hippy dippy flower loving child, and of course crosses and spikes to feed the punk lovers dark side.

Retail: $60.  Call: 760-592-1361;

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