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Rule of thumb: never ask a lady her age. But we obviously had to break that rule due to our ever growing curiosity. We thought if we asked perhaps she would reveal the secret to youth, or her entrepreneurial skills and worldwide popularity. We wondered if it were her signature child-like bow playfully topping crown, or her love for the girly color pink. Now we have YOU wondering, too…just how old is Miss Kitty White? Or you all may know her by her nickname, Hello Kitty.

We were given permission to disclose the forbidden, on November 1, she turns…are you ready? 37—and doesn’t look a day over…well, 10.  We did find out one of the reasons she stays so youthful is because her creator lifestyle brand Sanrio is constantly teaming up with hip collaborators, and keeping up with current technology. For example, check out her Birthday watch–a sweet collaboration with Nooka, New York-based design company known for its enhanced functionality and futuristic philosophies.

All of us aging creatures know that time flies…that’s why you shouldn’t wait if you want in on this limited edition timepiece featuring Nooka’s patented Zirc display and silk screen printed Hello Kitty graphic.

Retails for $130.


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