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Now, don’t hold us responsible here, but it’s true. Sometime’s bending the rules is worth it. There, we said it. Ok fine, maybe we’re just trying to justify finishing off yesterday’s overflowing plate filled with seconds…or the slightly oversized slice of pie we cut ourselves (that turned into half the pie)…oh we should stop. We broke the rule, veered off the healthy dietary course for a bit, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

That’s why today we think everyone should take a minute to lift your sorry head up from your “day after gluttony” and take a look at this incredible Alisa Michelle pendant. We promise it will make everything better….and for all of you goodie two shoes out there that don’t believe in breaking any rules, don’t you fret—Alisa Michelle has a library filled with fabulous jewelry designs, messages, inspirational quotes, witty phrases and symbols to make anyone and everyone (good and bad) feel a little better about themselves.

Retail, $62;