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Zazz shower caps

Ok, we did let out quite a loud “what the…??” yelp when these photos came into our in-boxes, but they did get us thinking…

With so many long-tressed, fashionable women spending tons of money on professional hair blowouts, shower steam and water have become Fashion Enemy #1. Enter their new BFF: Zazz Shower Caps.

These dare-we-say-chic styles offer a fun, quirky option to the lowly clear plastic shower cap. They’re lightweight, waterproof (duh) and made from ultra-thin Italian vinyl fabric. A thin, stretchy elastic protects the hairline from any frizz-creating moisture, while a decorative ribbon adds the finishing touch.

Start your day with a little fashionable shower power, and repeat after us: Do. Not. Wear. In. Public.


Retail: $36. Contact


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