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We have something to admit. Sometimes as we get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle, we forget we’re running around the streets of one of the best cities, in one of the best states ever.

Biased opinion? Perhaps–but there is just something about state pride that gets people going. People love the states they grew up in (possibly), if not, hopefully they fled to another one and love the state they reside in, or at least travel to the states they love. You get the point.


This brings us to today’s item from California-based jewelry line Kris Nations, a  “state pride” collection of delicate pendants—each state is handmade from recycled sheets of metal. (since we’re on a pride kick, why not show off some pre-Earth Day eco-pride too, right?) You might not catch us sporting Milton Glaser’s iconic I <3 NY logo tee, but we’ll gladly sport our New York pendant any day of the week.

Retail,$48; Call: 415-505-3866, 


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