Item of the Day: What’s Good eBeanie

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EbeanieThe big buzz word these days is all about wearable tech. A term that instantly brings to mind Apple’s new smartwatch, Google Glasses, fitness tracking bracelets etc.

But just because its wearable tech, doesn’t mean it’s from some Silicone Valley tech giant.

Enter What’s Good eBeanie, a practical piece of wearable tech. Each knitted eBeanie comes equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows you to be hands-free and headphone free.

Once synched, make calls or listen to music, using this state-of-the-art control system with stereo-quality speakers. Bluetooth transmitter has a battery life of 6 hours for continuous usage and is removable so you can wash the hat.

beaniesAvailable in five colors, black, navy, red, pink and camo, these eBeanies have been approved by the FCC.

Actually—and don’t kill us for saying this—we can’t wait for the cold weather to try one.

Retail: $54.95

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