Item of the Day: Verabel + Fox

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Verabel + FoxItem of the Day: Verabel + Fox

Let’s face it, there are fewer more stunning feathers in this world than those of a peacock. The beautiful (yet noisy) birds have been revered for ages, as symbols of immortality and renewals since peacocks replace their feathers annually.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the peacock feather was considered “all seeing,” much like the evil eye. No wonder a necklace of peacock feathers was worn in later years as a talisman to protect the wearer from witches and sorcerers.

These days we hope you don’t encounter any sorcerers (though we cannot exclude the occasional witch), a peacock feather does indeed make a dandy necklace. At Verabel + Fox, a peacock feature has been screen printed onto a 1960s-era vintage 38-millimeter locket giving the pendant a dual purpose. It’s a talisman much like the ever-popular evil eye pendants, but it has a function, too: insert small photos, mementos, flowers inside it leaving them to rest close to your heart.

Retail: $25

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