Item of the Day: The Underground Chic

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The Underground Chic

Item of the Day: The Underground Chic

What? You have a Birkin?

Well, not exactly. The Underground Chic set out to offer status-look handbags that were green, eco-friendly and vegan all in one. That task is accomplished by a little magic.

Looking that this Ginny Lipstick bag conveys a sense of sophistication and confidence and tricks your eyes into thinking it is made of leather and metal trim.

However, on a closer look this fashionable Birkin-style handbag has been photo printed on 100% RPET fabric (polyester made from recycled plastic bottles).  The crisp photo printed image that has tricked your eye!

Besides being sustainable, the handbags are lightweight, have inside pockets, and amble room (laptop friendly).

The Underground Chic partners with Trees for the Future, and for every handbag or cosmetic bag purchased a tree is planted.

Retail: $110