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sunfriendGreen__face_WEB_900x900Everyday there’s a bracelet out that commemorates an event or charity. While they range from simple silicone bands to ornate wovens, there isn’t quite a bracelet like the SunFriend.

SunFriend is the world’s first bracelet that tells you exactly when it’s time to cover up and take a break from the sun. The SunFriend UV activity monitor allows you to monitor daily exposure to sun.

Personalize it with your own skin sensitivity from extra sensitive to not very sensitive or light to dark, and the tiny sensor will automatically sensing your exposure to these both helpful and harmful radiation from the sun. You don’t have to worry about clouds, reflective radiation off snow and water, changing locations in and outdoors, the UVA+B SunFriend senses the actual UVA+B that you are exposed to and keeps track for you.

SunFriend continuously reads any UV you are exposed to from the sun, reflected from the water, under clouds, or through glass.  When all the LED indicators light up you’ve had your safe dose of sun for the day. SunFriend is waterproof, curbs against skin damage and skin cancer and helps maximize healthy sun exposure for Vitamin D production.

We could all do with more  friends like these…

Retail: $49.99


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