Item of the Day: Spectrum Sunglasses

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Spectrum SunglassesWood has been sweeping the accessories industry and sunglasses haven’t escaped the invasion. These wooden specs by Spectrum Sunglasses (a new brand by RESULTCO) take the concept to a new level with mixed types of woods in one frame and dyed woods in a range of colors.

“Wooden sunglasses have been a popular fashion trend and we wanted to incorporate them with an alternative style, adding more color and liveliness,’ said Rhonda Becker, Brand Manager at RESULTCO. “Although these first collections are wooden frames, Spectrum has a lot of different designs and colors in mind for future styles,” says Becker.

All of Spectrum sunglasses are polarized and use the Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) multiple layer polarized process.

Retail are $250. All models are unisex.

Spectrum Sunglasses (2)

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