Item of the Day: Spaghetti Headz

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Morphmallow LLC Angel HairThe latest trends come from the high-end and the low. Look for plenty of high caliber trends to come out of Paris Fashion Week.

Look for some “low” trends to come from the teen, tween market. Just such as example comes from Morophmallow: Spaghetti Headz, a brand new hair twist for girls. Made of polymer clay, the eco-friendly swirl of fun is a funky new hair styling fashion accessory for girls of all ages. Available in a variety of collectible, themed charm packages, there is something for everyone.

As a mom of two girls, Chief Creative Officer Toby Fishman agrees, “My daughters, ages 6 & 8 are always excited to wear the latest trends, and their hair couldn’t be more different from each other. With one curly and one straight, Spaghetti Headz works for both, and makes morning hairstyling into an easy activity.”

Feathered versions

Feathered versions

“One day we gave Spaghetti Headz to 50 girls in Bryant Park ages 3-17 for testing. While they all loved putting it in each other’s hair, we noticed that some of them even got creative and were wearing them as bracelets,” says CEO Doron Fetman, “Not only that, but boys with long hair were coming over to join in the fun as well so that inspired us to design a boys line too, which is in the works.”

All the twist and charm designs are hand drawn and designed by Eff Creative Group, LLC, a creative business development firm that helps in the growth and expansion of companies or start-ups. Eff is behind the efficient strategic planning, branding and marketing, as well as the effective business implementation of Spaghetti Headz.

Retail: $13.99 for set of three