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SilhouPETteItem of the Day: SilhouPETte

Though most Millennials might find this hard to believe, portrait silhouettes were as popular in the mid-18th to 19th centuries as an Instagram photo is today. Folks scrambled to find someone who could cut out their individual silhouettes in paper—and they were willing to spend a pretty penny on them. (Some artists could cut a perfect profile in a matter of seconds!)

The quest to immortalize in a silhouette lives on even in the digital age. SilhouPETte takes that notion a step further, creating silhouettes as pendants and charms—silhouettes of man’s best friends, dogs and cats. Available in sterling silver, vermeil and other metals, the pet silhouettes comes in an array of breeds and can even be personalized with the pet’s name.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One of the bestsellers is the cat silhouette. But for equally finicky humans who only want their specific pet, SilhouPETte can take uploaded profile photos and create a charm specifically profiling your own fur baby.

Retail: $69.95 in sterling silver


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