Item of the Day: Shawl Wallah

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Shawl Wallah Very few of even our best luxury materials, such as gold and silver, are actually pure, 100%.

The same cannot be said about Shawl Wallah, a company that specializes in authentic, ethically produced pure Pashmina and cashmere products. They are hand made by artisans in Kashmir, the birthplace of Pashmina. With each sale, 20% of the sale price is donated to Save the Children, helping to fund child education and protection projects in Kashmir.

Shawl Wallah proudly gets into the details of each shawl’s origin. This Candy Stripe style—made of 100% pure 100% pure Pashmina–are ethically produced by artisans in Kashmir, Northern India.

“Made of pure Pashmina wool, the extremely fine undercoat of the indigenous Pashmina goat native to the Himalayan Mountains surrounding the beautiful Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir.”

The shawl, which measure 27 by 79 inches is one of Shawl Wallah’s unisex styles.

And speaking of pure, have a purely relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Retail: $149



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