Item of the Day: Panacea

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PanaceaItem of the Day: Panacea

By definition, a panacea is a “cure-all for all ailments; a solution for all problems.” Kind of like the effect of an amazing piece of conversation-starting jewelry, no?

Well, we’ve hardly found a social situation that a fantastic, statement necklace can’t fix, so we’re particularly smitten with anything from Panacea jewelry, a division of Dallas-based The Pannee Group, Inc.

This six-scalloped, hand-woven beaded necklace features waxed rope for durability, green chalcedony, white howlite and blue crystal stones for pop, and brass beads to give it all an exotic, burnished look. There is no fabric or leather backing; the beads are sewn right into the macramé backing.

With design teams in Dallas, The Pannee Group uses its company-owned production facilities in Bangkok “to  give the company control over the quality and production schedules,” says Dennis Hassell, Pannee vice president of sales and marketing. It also means designs are unique to the market that much more special.

Fashion problems? Consider us cured!



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