Item of the Day: NFL

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NFL Item of the Day: NFL

The forecast for Super Bowl Sunday is for temperatures in the 30s, but don’t worry about the fans sitting in the open-air Met Stadium. Their teams—and their fanaticism—warm their hearts.

To keep the rest of them toasty, fans will be snapping up plenty of team-related merchandise. In fact, as the latest NRF consumer study points out, nearly 10% buy sports-themed apparel and accessories as part of their Super Bowl celebrations.

If you are a Denver Broncos fan, these slipper socks do double duty, featuring fan-tastic team logos as well as anti-skid rubber bottoms and 100% acrylic knit to keep feet warm.

An official NFL merchandise, the slipper socks also are available for Seahawks fans (and just about every NFL team as well).

Retail: $29.95