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IMG_0131“I’m gonna ring your neck!”

Such is a common threat but when Raquel Graham Crayton, an ex-New Yorker living in Chicago, says it, she really means it.

Crayton is going to ring your neck with Nekz, her alternative to traditional scarves that provide the comfort and warmth of a scarf without excess bulky fabric.

Designed for comfort in plush fleece or faux fur, Nekz is compact enough to easily slip into a coat pocket or handbag yet large enough to encircle the neck in a ring of warmth.  Its patent-pending closure, located in the back, adjusts easily so that it can fit snugly around a wearer’s neck, or can be slightly loosened on blustery days to cover the mouth.  Nekz are available in an array of designs, from animal prints and stylish colors, to more neutral, traditional patterns.

University of Florida Gators Nekz

University of Florida Gators Nekz

“Living in Chicago, I wanted to create something that kept my kids warm during last year’s brutal ‘polar vortex’ winter: something kids would wear, light, and warm, but also something that could easily be stored in a pocket,” Crayton recalls.  “After creating a simple fleece neck-warmer, soon every mother in the school wanted one–not only for their kids, but for themselves!  So I designed an adult version that maintained the practicality of the original design, but in fashionable colors and designs for women and men.”

Already, Nekz are becoming a trendy new item for college students.  Nekz is available on 45 college campuses in school/spirit colors and for some schools, Crayton created designs to incorporate the schools logos.  She is creating a line of Nekz for The National Hockey League thru a partnership with Sportin’ Styles.

neckzleopard2-2Nekz are fabricated in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, where Graham can regularly visit the manufacturer to inspect products before they are distributed.

Retails: $15 to $35

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