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Mynxx_All Colors - ProductIt hasn’t really hit yet but when it does you’ll be ready. You have your down coat, several mufflers, gloves (including tech touch), snow boots, knit cap and a lumberjack for the bitterest of days.

But, ladies, do you have your pair of Mynxx yet? These removable accessories provide added snow and ice traction to most flat-heeled shoes and boots. They’re tough enough to break ice, yet elegant enough to avoid that nerdy look that men’s Stablicers sometimes do.

Specifically designed for the chic city women, creator Veronica Barrow, an architect by trade, came up with Mynxx after she was a victim of a black ice fall.

On December 31, some several years ago on a snowy Manhattan sidewalk, Barrow and two of her close girlfriends, all dressed to the nines, were on their way to a New Year’s Eve party. One inevitable slip by one ultimately brought all three girls flat on their butts on the snowy sidewalk! Barrow recalls.

Mynxx_On-the-Go-01Such embarrassments—and potential lawsuits—can be avoided with Mynxx Barrow adds.

Mynxx ice grips are portable and easy to use. Simply pull on for a snug fit and head out. “When you’ve reached your destination, slip off, toss into its water-proof nylon carrying case, place in your clutch or handbag, and go!”

The secret to Mynxx’ stability is stainless steel spikes which contains a specialty coating that adds extra durability to the steel, as well as an elegant gold appearance.

They are versatile too, fitting fits flat, square-heeled dressier shoe types, such as riding boots, ankle boots, loafers, ballet flats (with heels 1” high or less).

Moreover, they are best in the worst conditions: like compacted snow and light ice. “Best for periods following a snowfall, once the snow has become compacted, and clunky snow boots are no longer a necessity,” Barrow says, adding authenticity through her voice of experience.

Retail: $38


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