Item of the Day: Mujus

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MujusItem of the Day: Mujus

There are moments when you just see red. Maybe it’s because you just feel emboldened by the color, or maybe you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day (is that why you’re “seeing red”?).

What better way to wear red than in a fashionable statement necklace that also happens to be “earth chic.” This Caprichosa necklace from Mujus not only makes a statement fashionwise, but also sustainable-wise. That’s because it’s made from the tagua seed or nut. Sometimes referred to as “vegetable ivory,” ripened taguas fall to the ground from palm trees that grow in the Amazon rain forest. There local workers gather and dry them for eight months when the nuts turn very hard and become almost ivory-like. Then can be dyed and take color beautifully—as seen here.

Since tagua nuts are harvested from the ground without destroying native vegetation, they make for an organic and sustainable raw material.

Mother Nature would approve.

Retail: $79


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