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monticristi hatOn the day after annual “Hat Day in the Sun” and on the eve of the summer solstice, it seems like an appropriate time if any to take a look at what has been called “the finest straw hats in the world.”

Made of 100% Toquilla straw and hand-woven by the finest weavers in the villages of Pile and Montecristi of Ecuador, Monticristi Hats have garnered a place at the top of the headwear heat.

A Monticristi hat has a production timeline that could surpass 10 months, starting from the bud’s harvest until it is placed in the final package. The vegetable fiber needs to be peeled, cooked, and dried in the shade before a team of craftsmen start weaving and go through a six-step process to complete the finished work of art. The highly qualified artisans blend their life-long expertise, gifted technique, and diligent manipulation of the fiber to achieve the most exceptional result.

“Natives of ancient cultures have mastered and passed down the art of straw weaving from generation to generation for more than 4,000 years,” said Emilio Gomez, co-owner. “Monticristi is committed to introducing consumers to the true history of the ‘Toquilla Straw Hat’ while offering modern designs for today’s fashion icons.”

The elegant lightweight straw hats definitely have sumptuousness to them. They give you one more reason to hold your head high (higher?).

To help spread the word, Monticristi launched its own online website this week.

Retail: $650

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