Item of the Day: Madison and Mulholland

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Madison and Mulholland

Item of the Day: Madison and Mulholland

What you wouldn’t give to be relaxing by the pool—or surf—down in a Caribbean island, sipping on an umbrella drink, relaxing…maybe pulling out your tablet to catch up on some recreational reading.

But uh-oh.

Wearing your latest designer sunglasses poses something of a problem: expensive polarized sunglasses tend to block out the digital screen.

Not so with these PT2 aviator style sunglasses from Madison and Mulholland. They use a patented polarized technology that cuts down on reflective glare, allowing wearers to see their digital devices outdoors even in bright sunlight. Not to mention the lens transmits a wide color spectrum for true color perception and high contrast.

Other styles, including sun readers, will be added soon.

OK, now that you can see your emails, let’s get back to that cocktail…

Retail: $55


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