Item of the Day: Lookie Lous

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Lookie LousItem of the Day: Lookie Lous

For many of us—especially baby boomers—they are a necessary evil…reading glasses. Seems we’re always juggling them on and off, struggling to find them in a handbag or pocket…and then having to take them off and not wind up losing them.

Satisfying that on-the-go, hectic lifestyle (it gets more so every day doesn’t it?) for presbyopia suffers is the latest optical solution: Lookie Lous.

Made from optically sound, clear polycarbonate, Lookie Lous are a functional alternative to traditional reading glasses. Sleek and chic, Lookie Lous go with the flow: when you finish reading something, just pull them down collar necklace style or pull them up like a headband. Voila! “Where you need them, when you need them,” Lookie Lou likes to say.

Lookie Lous worn headband-style

Lookie Lous worn headband-style

They are available in five colors: clear, London gray, LA Sand, NY Black (like the one here) and Paris pink—“optician recommended for computer reading.”

Best of all, you can see again—without looking, dare we say, “school marmish.”

Retail: $39.99