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Spring it on! Today marks the first day of spring, where we (eventually) return to open-toe shoes and shed our heavy winter coats. One thing, and probably the only thing, we’re not too psyched about is slathering on layers of goopy sunscreen from head to toe. Now, our cries for better sun protection have been heard with a chic new option from Lily-Lark.

The company has developed parasols made of UPF 50 + (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) printed fabric canopies, a technology that allows just 1/50th of UV radiation to pass through its surface. In fashion girl speak, that means no more hat hair or long sleeves in warm weather, a totally new and liberating way to look chic and protect our skin from the sun.

The parasols are made on Asian frames on traditional bamboo frames handcrafted by villagers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who do not glue fabric to the frame’s ribs, so the surface is much smoother.

And this season, Lily Lark has launched 13 new prints with matching carrying cases. We chose the Taco print because be it pork, veggie or of the parasol variety, tacos are always a favorite in our book.

The Taco Parasol retails for $160 at