Item of the Day: Lacoste Floating Sunglasses

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker

Lacoste Floatable Sunglasses.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro ExtendedFor anyone who has ever lost a pair of their favorite sunglasses at the bottom of the (pick one) lake, ocean, bay, river… this post’s for you.

Lacoste sunglasses, manufactured by Marchon Eyewear, has just announced something genius: the unveiling of its “floating” sunglasses. These innovative sunnies utilize a new technique of injection molding that will prevent them from sinking.

File this under “how come we never thought of this?”

Styles come in orange, blue and black, with mirrored lenses. Because you shouldn’t ever have to choose between a lazy day on a floatie or a boat and hanging on to a stylish pair of sunnies.

Retail: $155



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