Item of the Day: John Hardy

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John HardyItem of the Day: John Hardy

It’s Earth Day when we all should think about doing our part to protect and sustain the planet. Out today actually getting their hands dirty are brand executives and New York-based employees of John Hardy who are helping to refurbish the Pleasant Village Community Garden in East Harlem.

Actually John Hardy has been honoring Earth Month by donating 20% of all Bamboo Collection sales on to support Trees New York (

John Hardy as a brand has been getting its hands dirty to help the environment ever since 2007 when the company started its Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo initiative. A portion of proceeds from the Bamboo Collection are used to plant bamboo seedlings in Bali, where the company’s jewelry is made.

The goal is to offset the carbon emissions associated with the company’s print advertising, travel and electricity usage in order to help John Hardy reach their goal of becoming a carbon neutral company.  To date, the brand has planted more than 900,000 bamboo seedlings throughout Bali. With each piece of Bamboo, such as this sterling silver cuff with black sapphires, John Hardy plants bamboo (16 bamboo seedlings in the case of this particular cuff).

This month, John Hardy extended the tree planting to Trees New York, helping the organization to plant 100 evergreen trees in New York by 2015.

Evergreen trees not only bring beautiful green hues and rich textures to New York City streets, they also clean the air all year round, capturing airborne pollutants even during the winter, when particulate levels are often at their highest.

It may not be easy bein’ green, but John Hardy sure makes it seem so…

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