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Masquerade-by-Izak-for-HenrThey’re known as the “Bendel’s Girls” the clients at Henri Bendel but also those depicted in prints for more than 18 years. They’re the result of the creativity of fashion luminary/illustrator Izak Zenou.

Known to most in the industry as simply IZAK, he is one of the fashion industry’s top illustrators, with a career spanning over the last 20 years and notoriety on every side of the fashion pond. Known for his whimsical and optimistic fashion characters, his vision is synonymous with the effortless elegance and eternal chicness represented in the brands he works with-most notably Celine, Lancôme, Chanel Beauty, Guerlain, Sephora (IZAK’s branded capsule collection of cosmetics bags and beauty products were a huge hit last year) and Henri Bendel with whom IZAK has had a close collaboration.

IZAK started drawing for scarves in 2004 when Celine commissioned seven signature pieces.

Ever since, the scarf has played a central role in his work.

The scarf has played a central role in his work ever since. His captivating characters adorn a wide array of products from stationery, bags, accessories and gift items. However, for IZAK the scarf is his most prized creation. The IZAK scarf is the signature accessory that trend-setters hunger for and collect season by season.

Here’s his interpretation of a holiday masked ball on Italian silk, part of a limited edition collection.

“When I create a scarf I think of an illustration that tells a story and that at the same time can be adapted as a pattern. It’s also about creating a lot of details, graphic elements and colors that tie the theme together and also work visually when the scarf is worn,” IZAK says. “Working with color is really important to me–I like to play off the warm colors against cold ones. Sometimes a black and white is very exciting, too. When I work it’s very instinctual. Once I choose a theme, I just go for it.”

Which makes us all want to go for it too!

Retail: $128

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